Performance Features;temperature range: -20 / +80 °C;resistant to pressure, even when the load fluctuates;good adhesion, even in the presence of water;protects against wear and corrosion;water-resistant;Description;CEPLATTYN ECO 300 is an eco-friendly lubrication grease containing a calcium soap, a mixture of vege-table base oils and an adequate quantity of solid lubricants.;Field of application;CEPLATTYN ECO 300 is suitable for plate link chains, Open Gears, wire ropes, gear racks, slideways and likewise in canal equipment and weirs, in the chemical industry, in engineering, in construction machinery and all types of conveyor systems. CEPLATTYN ECO 300 is also excellently suitable for the preservation of wire ropes, lubrication of buffer disks, screw couplings, hand brake spindles and axle support sliding plates in all kinds of railway vehicles.;Method of application;CEPLATTYN ECO 300 is applied manually onto the components using a paint brush, a brush, a spatula or a cloth. Without any difficulty it can be applied from an aerosol can as CEPLATTYN ECO 300 SPRAY.

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