Performance Features;temperature range for use: -30 / +100 °C;pressure stable, even with varying loads;very good adhesion;good protection against wear and corrosion;good resistance to water;eco-friendly;Description;CEPLATTYN ECO 300 PLUS is a grey lubricating grease based on an environmentally harmless, fully synthetic base oil, thickened with an inorganic thickener. To optimise the wear protection properties CEPLATTYN ECO 300 PLUS contains a special solid lubricant combination.;Field of application;CEPLATTYN ECO 300 PLUS is suitable for wire rope conservation, for the lubrication of buffer discs, screw couplings, hand brake spindles and axle guard sliding plates on rolling stock. In addition the lubricant is intended for the lubrication of plate link chains, gears, wire ropes, gear racks, and sliding surfaces of locks and weirs.;Application;CEPLATTYN ECO 300 PLUS is applied manually with a paint-brush, brush or spatula.;Note;German Railway material no. DB-Mat.-Nr.: 597947

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