Performance Features;temperature range of lubricant film: -30 / +250 °C;dry film up to +500 °C;excellent adhesion;outstanding protection against wear;protects against corrosion;forms a solid lubricant film under pressure;forms a "dry" lubricating film, which repels dust;water-resistant;Description;CEPLATTYN 300 is a high-graphite adhesive lubricant based on a selected base oil and contains EP additives and tackiness improvers. CEPLATTYN 300 is free of bitumen, heavy metals and solvents.;In combination with CEPLATTYN RN and CEPLATTYN KG 10 HMF, CEPLATTYN 300 represents the FUCHS LUBRITECH multi-phase system.;Field of application;CEPLATTYN 300 is recommended as primer for large Open Gears, gear racks and sliding surfaces. It is also used as an assembly paste for screws/bolts and pins. It is also suitable for wire rope lubrication and preservation as well as in steel hydraulics construction for chains, sliding surfaces, and gear tooth systems.;Method of application;CEPLATTYN 300 is applied manually on clean surfaces. Do not use in centralised lubrication systems!;Note;CEPLATTYN 300 is approved for undergrund mining by the Arnsberg District Authority, Dortmund, approval reference number: Also available in aerosol cans as CEPLATTYN 300 SPRAY (German Railway material number DB Mat.-Nr. 00106169).

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