Performance Features;temperature range: -35 / +65 °C;displaces water;protects against corrosion;good penetrating effect;good protection against wear;forms a non-dripping protective film on wire ropes;weatherproof;extends the life of a wire rope;Description;CEDRACON SPRAY is a low-viscosity wire rope lubricant and preservative containing graphite. The amount of graphite allows its use at considerable mechanical loads. A highly viscous, non-dripping protective film remains on treated wire ropes after the solvent has evaporated.;Field of application;CEDRACON SPRAY is always used for the lubrication of wire ropes subjected to extreme mechanical loads and chemical influence, for example in the mining, steel and chemical industries.;Method of application;Apply CEDRACON SPRAY uniformly by spraying onto the surfaces which have to be protected. Used and dirty wire ropes are to be thoroughly cleaned piror to the application. The best long-term protection is achieved by applying several thin films of CEDRACON SPRAY.Re-lubrication should take place at regular intervals subject to the application. CEDRACON SPRAY is also available in standard packaging so that manual or spray application is possible.;Note;We recommend using CEPLATTYN 300 for the additional preservation of wire ropes in the event of extreme environmental influences and mechanical stresses. CEPLATTYN 300 is also available as spray.

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