Performance Features;temperature range: -40 / +80 °C;protects against corrosion;good protection against wear;excellent penetrating effect;displaces water;forms a non-dripping protecting film on wire ropes;thermally stable;extends cable life;weatherproof;Description;CEDRACON S 3 is a wax-based wire rope lubricant with an oil mixture of native and synthetic oils which is free of solids. It contains solvents and corrosion protection agents for the external preservation of wire ropes of any kind.A non-dripping protective film remains on treated cables after the solvent has evaporated.;Field of application;CEDRACON S 3 is used for the external preservation of wire ropes of any kind, e.g. for support and pull ropes of aerial cableways, in steel hydraulics constructionon on waterway locks, weirs, and industrial cable cars.;Method of application;CEDRACON S 3 is applied manually by brush, by immersion or spraying. The best long-term protection is obtained by several applications of a thin layer of CEDRACON S 3.Re-lubrication should take place at regular intervals subject to the use. Used and dirty cables shall be thoroughly cleaned prior to the application of CEDRACON S 3.

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