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Performance Features;universal application;very good cleaning effect;can be diluted with water;removes bitumen stains from vehicles as well;Description;BITEEREX is a highly effective, new cleaning agent for the removal of bitumen, asphalt, and wax residues.;Field of application;BITEEREX is suitable for the use on all vehicles, road construction machinery and equipment, e.g. black top finishers and bitumen boilers, spray machinery, etc. BITEEREX is not a bitumen release agent;Method of application;BITEEREX is sprayed or brushed onto the surface to be cleaned. After a short reaction time the soiling is wiped off or removed using a high-pressure cleaner or a directed water jet. As a rule the product is applied as concentrate. In some application cases BITEEREX can also be diluted up to 1:4 with water prior to its immediate application.;Note;The storage period should not exceed 1 year;Store barrels on their sides;Reseal packaging after removal, e.g. to prevent the active substances from escaping at increased temperatures.;Note the WHG and EC safety data sheet! Before the applicat

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Wij staan klaar om u te adviseren. Bel of mail ons en wij komen zo snel mogelijk bij u terug.
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