Performance Features;economical to use;no release problems when transporting asphalt on truck loading platforms;very good release effect, even with stone mastic asphalt;ready-to-use;easily biodegradable;Description;BITEEREX 1 is a low-viscosity, hydrocarbon-based, ready-to-use release agent for asphalt and bitumen.Thanks to its good release effect the product is suitable both for melted as well as for hot asphalt.;Field of application;Asphalt mixing plants, asphalt recycling plants, road finishing machines, truck loading platforms, and other equipment.;Application;BITEEREX 1 is applied thinly and uniformly with a brush or suitable spraying device (with Teejet nozzle SS 800067). Also suitable for spraying equipment. Consumption ranges between 30 and 50 m²/l.* BITEEREX 1 must not be diluted with water, oils or solvents – it is ready for use!;Note;The duration of storage should not exceed 1 year.;Store barrels horizonally.;Re-seal container afteruse.;Please observe water resources policy act and EU safety data sheet! Prior to its use on rubber-tire rollers, seals, etc., the compatibility with the elastomers should be verified. The product may not come in contact with zinc or galvanised materials.;*A test report (No. 2015/141-1) by Technische Universität Kaiserslautern/Materialprüfamt (Material Testing Institute of Technical University Kaiserslautern) is available.

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